日常用品 & 工具握把


Daily Products & Grips of Hand Tools

TPR is widely used in daily products because it is easy to coloring with excellent bonding strength and soft touching feel. Recently, the bi-material design has become a main stream of grip industry. The over model injection designs with TPR which provides soft touching feel and impressive non-slip property. It is very suitable for different sort of grips, and makes various options and choices for grip makers. So it makes the end products more competitive as well.


Shoe Materials

TPR is one of the major materials for the shoe industry. TPR to can provided good springiness, excellent shock absorbency, skidproof, cold-resistant, and abrasion resistance.


Ultra-Soft GEL

TPR Ultra-soft GEL provides high transparency, flexibility, excellent shock absorbency, and outstanding resilience. It also furnishes with soft touching feel. It can be injection molded directly onto fabrics and plastics, so it is ideal for different applications such as shock absorbency pads for footwear (inserts in the shoes center base), toe separators, sporting goods and protection appliances, medical recovery equipments, 3C products shock absorbency pads, toys.