日常用品 & 工具握把


Engineering Plastic Elastomer has the following features

Ÿ Non-toxic

Ÿ Not need vulcanization, easy to blend colors

Ÿ Has excellent resistance to low and high temperature (-30~120)

Ÿ Soft touch, excellent surface quality

Ÿ Has excellent resistance to twists and turns

Ÿ Broad hardness range: 0A ~ 60D

Ÿ Degraded material can be recycled completely

Ÿ Can be adjusted to make the best suitable formula according to customer’s request

Ÿ Non-toxic and no unpleasant odors during production process

Ÿ No harm to environment and equipment


Engineering Plastic Elastomer can bring you the following advantages

Ÿ Developing new eco-friendly materials

Ÿ Lowering your processing costs

Ÿ Assisting in improvement of existing products

Ÿ Making your designer inspired

Ÿ Making your products diversified and human

Ÿ Making your products more contemporary

Ÿ Can replace silicon (Si) rubber in some fields, and more user-friendly than silicon (Si) rubber

Ÿ Enhancing the market competitiveness of your products



Applicable to the elastic plastic packages of all types of elastic grips, such as golf grips, all kinds of racket grips, bicycle grips, motorcycle grips, luggage and suitcase grips, ski pole grips, elastic steering-wheel grips, tableware grips, cutting tool handles, hand tool grips, flashlight grips, toothbrush handles, anti-corrosion paint brush handles and so on.


Injection Molding

Applicable to the secondary injection molding of PP, ABS, PS, PC, PE, PVC, PA, POM, PMMA, etc., for example, two-color or multi-color toothbrush handles. Applicable to various types of rubber covering, with strong adhesive force. It will make your products beautiful and unique, comfortable to touch, and upgraded.


Luggage Accessories

Applicable to all kinds of soft and hard luggage accessories: handle, base, elastic rubber, injection molding fashion bags, luggage castors, tags.


Sports Equipment

Applicable to the rubber of all kinds of soft and hard sports equipment, such as elastic grip, protector, goggles, flippers, chest expander rubber strip, hand grip and table tennis bat, etc.



Applicable to all kinds of soft and hard toys, highly transparent toys, toy dolls, toy hats, baby molar devices, viscosity balls, and water wigglers and so on.


Bolw Molding

Such as toys, lamps, and elastic tubes.


Adult Products

Applicable to all kinds of soft and hard adult health-care appliances, such as adult simulation tools and health care equipment.


0 Non-Adhesive

Such as 0 toys, adult health-care equipment and simulation equipment.


Massage Equipment

Applicable to all kinds of soft and hard massage equipment, such as massage head, elastic massage ball, and muricate elastic massage, etc.



Such as scooter wheels, industrial castor, computer desk leg wheels, furniture castors, and luggage castors.


Shoe Materials

Applicable to very soft insole, TR shoe materials and accessories.



Applicable to all kinds of tableware grips, beef fat scratchers and lunch boxes.



Such as furniture decorative edge slat, snooker table elastic side strip, door and window seals, hose, beach chair elastic tape, elastic tape, automobile elastic tape.


0 Highly Adhesive

Such as window stickers, sticker toys, and adhesive adult health-care products.


Plastic Modification

For toughening and increasing cold resistance, elasticity, bending resistance and rheology of plastics. With such features as environmental protection, easy processing, low cost and blended with a variety of plastics, our product can be used as the plasticizer and quality improver of PP, PS, PE, PPO, ABS and other plastics.